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Thursday 18th September 2014

Built on top of a rise, the property captures the local breeze, and with the heat linings built into the aluminium roofing the house is cool all year around.

The building is approximately 6300 sq. ft. which includes a 10 ft. wide colonial style balcony that wraps around the entire building. Ramps have been built around the house to take you from the upper level of the rear verandah down to the front terrace and to the garden. The balcony has a handmade wooden railing with fencing and gates in place to keep the pool area secure for youngsters and animals.

Comprising 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, it sits on 0.64 acres overlooking Falmouth Harbour towards Montserrat in the west, and to the east across to Piccadilly Heights. English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour villages are both located within a 3-5 minute drive.

The 32’ x 12’ swimming pool on the front terrace nestles in under the eaves of the front balcony Steps in from one end take you onto a 2.5ft shelf and then there is a drop into the 5 ft depth. A love seat at the other end allows easy access in and out of the pool. It is lined with travertine tiles and has a diamond-brited finish. Pool lights are operated from the interior of the house. The pool edge is at the perfect height to act as a seat for cocktail parties on the front terrace.

The maturing gardens are fenced in completely with alternative road accesses from English Harbour and Piccadilly A flight of steps takes you from the outside parking area down onto the rear verandah.The entrance to the house from the rear verandah is right into the main living area of the house. There is one “Great Room” which combines the kitchen and living area. Flooring in the kitchen is cedar wooden floorboards while the rest of the living area is polished Travertine tiles.

Price: $US 1.4 Million

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