On May 31st 1998, with sixty-one loyal subjects, King Robert the Bald landed on the south west corner of Redonda. It was a beautiful day and a rare one - landing on the island is normally extremely difficult with heavy surf and swells making a maelstrom of the boulder-strewn beach. The "Sir Robert Baden-Powell" a 130' square-rigged topsail schooner, seconded to the Royal Redondan Navy, dropped anchor in the only possible place, a ledge near the site of the broken-down jetty with forty feet of water under her keel.

With the new flag cracking in the breeze, the landing party, including the crack Alpine Brigade lead by Sir Timothy de Gavre, was taken ashore in several waves by the ship's assault craft. Resistance melted away at the sight of such a determined commando as they made their way along the beach boulders to begin the ascent of the 60 degree 600 foot gully to the plateau.
Remnants of a past civilisation met their eyes at every turn: the sad wreck of the post office, barracks for the 200 miners who had worked the guano and phosphate deposits until early this century, broken down cisterns, a bakery, occasional sun-bleached skeletons from a once-proud army of goats, manager's house and one tiny perfectly preserved building, still with its stone roof, but without doors or windows. Rusting machinery , and large buckets from the two counterweighted cable lift systems were strewn here and there.      
Royal Stampage
Queen Elizabeth
King Robert The Bald

King Robert and His very own Queen Elizabeth, accompanied by the ferocious Lord Howling of Sundance, sword always at the ready, and the King's personal cleric Cardinal Sin of Redonda, wisely stayed on the beach drinking beer in a cave, directing the assault. Dame Saliva McGill, the well-known diva (she teaches diving too) gave a spirited rendition of the Redondan National Anthem "Simply because" as King Robert so wisely remarked, "There is nothing like a Dame". Thirteen stalwart members of the Brigade clambered up the dangerous gully and made it to the top of the 970 foot King Juan's Peak, there gloriously to plant the flag. By this one simple but valiant act our beloved King Robert the Bald's Kingdom of Redonda was assured well into the next century, He should live so long already.

To sum up the memorable nine-hour return passage to Falmouth Bay Lady de Knees was heard endearingly to say "Dogs Save the King".



Royal Stampage

Queen Elizabeth

Kingdom of Redonda,King Robert the Bald

Kingdom of Redonda

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