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Friday 6th July 2012

Making news recently was the rescue of two local fishermen whose boat had capsized 20 miles NE of Antigua. The pair were out in a 17 foot Boston Whaler dubbed “Gully Creeping” when while fishing, the engines were trimmed up to untangle a snagged line, causing the boat to drift quickly in unfavorable seas to the wrong side of the waves, which in turn hit the boat and flipped it in an instant.

The reason these fishermen are still with us today resulted from ABSAR’s response to the Mayday call, as well as collective efforts from MT Tromso and the Guadeloupe Rescue Helicopter Team. However, if these two had been out on any other type of boat, the chance to call for Mayday may not have even been available, as they were able to sit on top of the flipped, yet floating Boston Whaler for a couple of hours, while calling and waiting for assistance. Boston Whalers are renowned for their ability to float, a feature not available elsewhere.

The boat stayed afloat for several hours that day and was retrieved later that afternoon. Consider this when thinking about buying a boat as it is very easy for boats to be caught in the wrong position in adverse conditions and flip. Remember, “it only takes one wave” and the best boat to be on when the worst happens, is a Boston Whaler, available at Paradise Boat Sales.

Watch the rescue footage below recorded by John Watt, one of the victims rescued. 

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