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Monday 6th October 2014

A few places on earth exude eternal beauty like Dominica.  With its ragged mountains and web of rivers, one's soul is captured and sent into a rainbow of color and sound.  For  Iris, Liz & Richard, it meant a playground of adventure, unforgettable experiences, and meaningful life lessons.

They've had 10 special years with Cocoa Cottage as their home and business--years of dedicated work to establish a unique home away from home environment and a comfortable space that harmonizes well with nature and our community.  They continue to improve and grow.  At this point in their life they are looking to explore other avenues. Cocoa Cottage and Extreme Dominica are on the market for sale at US$ 1.2 million

The guest house, as well as the canyoning, trade all year and their quality is reflected in the number of awards and ratings.  Both enjoy many repeat customers.  The guest house offers excellent accommodations for both guests and owners, visit and available by separately at US$ $950,000. The canyoning offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience exploring the hidden treasures of Dominica, visit, also available separately at US$ 450,000.

They are also making their own delicious chocolate, which blends locally grown cocoa with different island-style flavors, visit

The business has been very good to the Cocoa Cottage and Extreme Dominica team, and they'd like to say a heartfelt thanks to all their customers, friends, and acquaintances for your contribution, comments, and support. If you would like make Cocoa Cottage your home and business or for further information, please call Richard at 767-295-7272/767-295-6828  or Iris at 767-448-0412/767-276-2920. Or email and Click here for more information.

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