You’ll want to explore Goatland, an eco-friendly goat farm situated on an old cane plantation land, nestled between Swetes and Matthews villages in the centre of Antigua. The farm is complete with animals including sheep, pigs, livestock guardian Akbash dogs, and a cow. In addition, there is a biodigester that produces methane for cooking and lighting from goat poop. 

 We are the only Caribbean farm to have goats from the off-shore island of Redonda. These strange looking long-horned goats were brought to Redonda in the late 18th century as a food source for the Guano miners. Read more about the Redonda Restoration Project.

We are also the only Caribbean goat farm to have Kiko goats, a breed that originated in New Zealand. We offer a chance to get up close and personal with our goats, sheep and cow. The pigs are a bit more stand-offish but you may see them bathing in the pond. Cool out in the breeze and relax at our peaceful farm.  


Beyond stopping by to view the animals at our local farm, you'll be able to visit our goat manure-to-methane energy plant. See how it works and tour our garden of native trees and forage plants.

A visit to Goatland is a tour like no other! You'll look at farms as more than just a place that keeps animals and agriculture.

Meet the team and mingle with the animals. Learn about conservation projects and husbandry techniques that hope to save Antigua from the ravages of the roaming goats.


You can buy fresh produce, cuts of meat, animals and memorabilia t-shirts.

For more information regarding booking, or general questions, please contact us via WhatsApp at (268) 770-8844 or send us an email at vetenaryclinic@candw.ag.

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Antigua Nature - Goatland

Antigua Nature - Goatland

Antigua Nature - Goatland

Antigua Nature - Goatland

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Friday 1st February 2019
A waste-to-energy Biodigester has been installed at Goatland....
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