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If you spend a lot of time in the Caribbean you’ll know that for all the benefits of living abroad, of which there are many, reliably receiving your important post from home isn’t one of them. At the very least you’ll experience delays in your letters arriving and paying a small fortune for parcels and packages to be forwarded. Fortunately UK Postbox have a solution...

Get an address in the UK and read your post online

UK Postbox is a hybrid post office, meaning they turn physical letters into electronic PDFs for you to view on your computer, tablet or phone. It’s such a simple solution, one they’ve been providing for nearly a decade, but what really sets them apart is their secure Online Mail Platform and the fact you can actually speak to a human if you need to. They are the UK’s Online Post Office.

An address for your letters

UK Postbox lets you choose one or more addresses in the UK for your letters, they’ve both got free and premium options. Their Free PO Box and Redirection Addresses are some of the most popular, but you can also go for something with a bit more prestige like an address on the prestigious Regent Street. They’ve even got addresses for businesses and offer a Registered Office Address service for business owners who move abroad.

Click here for a full list of the UK addresses.

An address for your parcels

So that’s your letters sorted, but what about your shopping? UK Postbox provide free “Courier Point” address with all of their accounts, it’s specifically for your parcels and packages. Shop online, get everything sent to your UK Postbox Courier Point address and they will forward it onto you. They can even consolidate multiple orders into one, reducing the overall cost of carriage. Get the products you love from the UK.

Trust and privacy come first

Let’s be honest, all of our post is private and so it’s important when your choosing a company to open and scan yours, they put privacy first. UK Postbox has a single secure mail sorting facility in Poole, Dorset. They operate a “clean mailroom”, meaning only security cleared individuals can enter the CCTV protected area. That’s just the physical side though, they’ve got just as much or more in place with their secure Mail Management Apps. Each client gets an account which allows them to login to their own secure post portal. The UK Postbox app is hosted on Microsoft Azure systems which are renowned for their security, in addition all of the data is encrypted, meaning even if someone was to access it, it would be a jumbled up mess. Finally, they’re about to introduce two factor login, which will give an extra layer of security.

How to get started:

1. Choose a free or premium address:

Free Addresses

  • PO Box Address - London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast, Poole.
  • Royal Mail Redirection Address - an address specifically to receive redirected post.
  • Parcel Address - included for free with every account.

Premium Addresses

  • Prime Street Addresses - North London (N13), South London (SW19), York Street (W1), Regent Street (W1), Poole (BH16).
  • Registered Office Address - for official correspondence from Company’s House & HMRC.
  • Director’s Service Address - for official correspondence from Company’s House & HMRC.
  • Virtual Office Address - perfect for overseas business owners.

2. Select a plan:

  • Pay-as-you-go - great for low volume.
  • Lite - starter plan 10-35 letters a month.
  • Standard - mid-range plan for 35-100 letters a month.
  • Premier - high volume plan for 100-350 letters a month.

Don’t fit into any of the above? Request a bespoke quote.

Visit the UK Postbox website to find out more.



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