Welcome to V.C. Taxi Services, a top transportation service provider in Antigua, under the experienced leadership of Gladstone King. We are ready and available to serve you and your loved ones during your visit to beautiful Antigua.

Serving Antigua for 20+ Years, we have been trusted with providing our guests, both visiting and local customers, with quality transportation services for more than 20 years in beautiful Antigua. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional drivers have proudly served our guests and have made us one of the preferred transportation service providers in Antigua.

We pride ourselves on safety, quality service, outstanding hospitality and care and concern for every one of our guests. We take great care in building relationships with our guests so that we may anticipate their needs during their stay and offer suggestions that will enhance their experience.


Our goal is to provide the best transportation service for all in our care and to make each trip comfortable, affordable and efficient. Whether you are visiting for the day on a cruise or for an extended stay in one of the outstanding accommodations in the area, we are here for you and hope to help make your stay a memorable one!


We are a full-service transportation provider, and we accommodate individuals, families and groups. We use late model, professionally maintained vehicles, and we take great pride in providing a clean and comfortable ride experience when you hire us.

Our professional drivers take the stress out of figuring out how to travel from "point A" to "point B", so you can spend your time focusing on more important things, like enjoying the beauty and culture of Antigua. We provide everything from airport and cruise port transfers to customized tours to day-to-day transport while on the island.


Let us help you plan safe and reliable travel to your destination here in Antigua. Then, once you are settled, we will be glad to serve as your personal transport service and help you experience all that Antigua has to offer with personalized getaways, including:

- a romantic getaway to one of our 365 beaches
- a history and culture tour to see Antigua's many important landmarks
- a family outing to our wildlife park
- a festive afternoon at Shirley Heights
- a ride to one of our many restaurants that serve up Antiguan specialties for your delight
- a day of shopping in boutiques and markets in St. John's           


Our experienced drivers will go the extra mile to accommodate you and ensure that you and your party have a pleasant and enjoyable ride with us. We are flexible and we strive to entertain your needs during your time with us.


We are sincerely "at your service" and we are very happy to be "on call" for you. In addition to your transfers and day-to-day travel needs, we are also expert tour leaders and we can create special itineraries based on your preferences. Just call us to discuss!

Booking Travel Arrangements with Us

We invite you to contact us prior to your arrival to plan for your visit to Antigua. Our reservations concierge will be happy to help you build an itinerary that suits your needs and our professional drivers and guides will be ready to serve you!

For your convenience, we take payment through a number of options: cash, VISA/Mastercard, and PayPal. 


Antigua Taxi Services: V.C. Taxi Services

Antigua Taxi Services: V.C. Taxi Services

Antigua Taxi Services: V.C. Taxi Services

Antigua Taxi Services: V.C. Taxi Services

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