Sitting on the water's edge of Antigua Slipway facing Nelson’s Dockyard, you’ll find this new restaurant, aptly named Incanto.

First-time visitors will marvel at the restaurant's enchanting setting and top notch menu. Its splendid, simply natural decor serves as a suitable backdrop for its fine Italian cuisine.

Heralding from Milan, the restaurant's owners Rosella and her son, Andrea who takes the lead culinary role. Both welcoming and hospitable, while whipping up truly delicious Italian meals and ensuring the experience at Incanto lives up to its expectation.

Incanto has already built its reputation around their exceptional, authentic Italian cuisine. Renowned for their mushroom risotto offering, the restaurant offers dishes made from quality ingredients shipped directly from Italy and paired with the best Italian wine list. The new restaurant has rightfully earned a remarkable reputation as Antigua’s very best Italian bistro and needs little else to attract gourmands.

There’s nothing quite like watching the boats in front of you, while eating exquisite Italian food for lunch or dinner and chilling on the most comfortable bouncing chairs on the open terrace.

Highly recommended, to make a reservation call +1 (268) 562 - 9130/+1 (268) 789 - 4531 or email /

And, if you need a boat ride over, phone in and they'll send someone to pick you up.



Antigua Restaurants & Bars: Incanto Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Antigua Restaurants & Bars: Incanto Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Antigua Restaurants & Bars: Incanto Restaurant & Lounge Bar

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NAME: Andrea Signorelli
TEL: +1 (268) 562 - 9130
CELL: +1 (268) 789 - 4531
ADDRESS: Antigua Slipway, English Harbour| Saint Paul Parish, Antigua
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