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Tavia Hunte, director of the school, holds a Bachelor Degree in Dance Education from the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston Jamaica. Her advancement in the field of dance education has further benefited the school in expanding their creative expression of dance as art and further uses it as a tool for educating and transforming the society.

She is proficient in English Language and English Literature and has taught at both primary and secondary school levels. Currently Tavia Hunte teaches Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship in the A Level Department and Communication for Engineers in the Engineering Department at the Antigua State College.

She is passionate about the development of the youth and often gives lectures to various clubs on the island promoting self-awareness, self-love and confidence.

She also choreographs dances for pageants, private, government functions and music videos for various local soca artists on the island.

Tavia is also an associate member of The International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art which is an official partner of UNESCO. Her membership in this organization indicates her passion and love for the “preservation of intangible cultural heritage” which is the mandate of CIOFF.

Tavia is involved in many community building activities on the island where she volunteers her time and skills to bringing people together and promoting togetherness. She also facilitates performing arts workshops yearly with other trained educators in the Performing Arts to allow young and old persons in the community to learn new skills and   develop an appreciation and respect for the arts and it benefits in human and social development.

She has recently launched “The Masters Foundation for the Performing Arts” the first of its kind on the island. This new project is designed to empower the performing arts community giving all those who possess the passion and the drive to achieve mastery, stand out as artists who make a difference. Tavia intends to see it eventually develop into an accredited institution for the Performing Arts and produce world class performers in Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts over the next few years.

Tavia Hunte believes that dance is a powerful tool that can transform the human body, soul, and spirit; it removes barriers and brings people together, and it allows us to express what our words fail to say. The Shiva School of Dance is committed to ensuring that dance gains the love and respect needed in the community and that it continues to educate and transform both mind and body through this dynamic art form.


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