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Monday 17th February 2020

Invitation to Bid

Roberts & Co., Attorneys at Law on behalf of Antigua Commercial Bank and ABI Bank Limited (in receivership) invite the public to bid for purchase of the following properties:

Registration Section:  South West
Block:             55 1186A
Parcels:          449, 450 and 451

Sealed bids are invited for the purchase of the above parcel of land located at the commercial centre of Jolly Harbour, St. Mary’s, Antigua, commonly known as the Grand Princess Casino.

The lands are recorded as measuring approximately 0.25 acre (10,890 sq. ft.), 0.5 acre (21,780 sq ft.) and 1.10 acre (479,916 sq. ft.), respectively. The parcels of land are relatively flat with slight slopes with the characteristics of a good building plot. A portion of parcel 451 has waterfront.

There are two (2) buildings on site. Building # 1 measures approximately 61,552 sq. ft. consisting of offices, casinos, restaurants, disco, penthouse suites, storerooms, utility rooms, out-door roof terrace and spas. Building # 2 measures approximately 2,607 sq. ft. and is utilized as a generator and electrical panel room and fuel storage tank area.

The Jolly Harbour development is a high end gated community with upscale residences, marina, yachting facilities, shops, retail stores, supermarket, business offices and an array of other amenities and conveniences. The properties are situated at the entrance of the Jolly Harbour development just West of the Epicurean Supermarket.

Conditions of Sale

1.  Offers must be made in writing and contain relevant information including, but not limited to,
     offerer’s name and address, contact information (email address and telephone number),
     amount of offer, proposed closing date and proof of financing.

2. Offers must be sent to ACB Recoveries Department Loan Centre on High Street.

Sealed Offers to be Submitted to:

    Roberts and Co, Attorneys-at-Law
    Roberts Building
    60 Nevis Street
    St. John’s

For viewing or more information, please call by tel: (268) 462-0076 or 462- 1388, or email:

The photos depicting the property known as Grand Princess Casino were taken over 10 years and are not intended to depict the current state of the property. Further, the sale of the property does not include the Casino machines and equipment featured in these photographs. Potential purchasers are encouraged to conduct their own site visit and due diligence.

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