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Friday 14th October 2016

Jolly Cat - The Catamaran which takes you around the outskirts of Antigua and Barbuda and other nearby little islands. With a capacity of approximately 40 persons including crew members, there is no doubt you will meet and greet new persons and everyone will enjoy the marine nature that is right in front of them.  

It's not only the cruise you will enjoy as they will dock and anchor on the shore of a secluded island where you will get to snorkel, swim and just enjoy the sand and sun upon your skin. Entertainment is the least, as there will be music for you to dance and groove to as the cruise goes on. A fully loaded bar is at your disposal where you can sip on some wine, fruit or rum punch or just simply quench your thirst with some water from the excitement you will have.

With a crew who are 100% dedicated and friendly, cruising on the Jolly Cat will be an experience you will never forget, and will be sure to tell your friends and family about.

For more information or to book this cruise, call by tel: (268) -722-8119 or 268-771-6811.

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