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Wednesday 13th July 2016

During the Summer, one lucky individual 18 years or older will get the opportunity to train at The Best of Books Bookstore.

To qualify, you are required to write a 50 -100 word essay saying why you want to take part in the training programme and email it to: or hand deliver to St. Mary's Street by Saturday, July 16th.

Training will generally be for five days per week. You will be expected to be at the bookshop from 8:30 am to assist with opening and to be there until closing time. You will be granted a stipend which will be paid to you at the end of each week.

Their expectations of you as a trainee:


(1) Punctuality. This ranks as one of the most important indicators of your level of professionalism and commitment to your own training and future. It is recommend that at all times you work towards trying to be on the job at least ten minutes before your are scheduled to begin work. Your future employers will ask about them your absentee record and they will be honest.


(2) Honesty: From time to time you may handle money belonging to the business and it is their hope that you can be trusted with such transactions. You are reminded that all other items within the store including stock, equipment and other items are to be handled with care and not to be abused in any way.

(3) Willingness to listen and be guided by members of staff. You will be exposed to a number of areas within the bookshop. Some things might seem tedious but as they are essential to the running of a business you are expected to approach them with zeal and a determination to complete all tasks at the highest standard possible.

(4) Customer Service: Businesses cannot exist without customers. Each person who enters the bookstore must be greeted and treated with respect. Courtesy at all times is a must. Nothing else that you are doing within the shop can ever be more important than looking after the needs of a customer.

(5) Security: As a member of the “Team” at the bookshop you are expected to be aware of your surroundings and you are expected to keep an eye on customers to ensure that no one has the opportunity to steal anything, damage anything or harm anyone in the bookshop.

(6) Cleanliness & Attire: You are expected to assist in maintaining a clean environment. Remember that you will be in close proximity to many people throughout the day, so personal hygiene must be considered. Wear clean comfortable clothes that provide adequate cover for your body at all times.

As a result of being involved in this on the job training session you should accomplish the following:

(1) You should be confidently able to communicate with customers and coworkers.

(2) You should have a clear understanding of restocking shelves and maintaining order in a retail environment.

(3) You should have some exposure to a Computerized Point of Sales programme.

(4) You should have a clearer understanding of places in St. John’s through running errands and making deliveries.

(5) You should have a clearer understanding of what a future employer will be expecting of you.

(6) You will be able to send out applications indicating that you have some recent work experience.

(7) You should be able to get a letter of reference from the Best of Books that you may wish to give to future prospective employers.

This is not a job, it's a training opportunity. If at any point they are of the opinion that you are not taking the opportunity seriously, you may be asked not to return.

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